Thursday, 17 December 2009

Off to speak about my trip to New Zealand tonight to the Bristol Ornithological Club! Despite it all being so close to Christmas it's quite nice giving talks - it makes it all feel very festive. Off to Coleford in the Forest of Dean tomorrow to talk about peregrines too - my last one for 2009!

Talking of peregrines, both adults were on St John's Church in Bath yesterday - sitting on opposite sides of the spire (hopefully, they've not had a falling out!). A very cold day but warming by the fact my brother was graduating with a PhD in physics! Various prey on the ground around the church - water rail, woodcock, jack snipe, fieldfare, redwing (at least 4) and a fresh teal!! Amazing to think many of these birds would have travelled thousands of miles to get here for the winter (seems rather sad they then get eaten but that's mother nature for you!).

I wonder whether this snow will come to anything in the Bristol area over the weekend. I'm filming various things on Saturday to update my showreel so hoping for clear, sunny weather (even if it's freezing!!).

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