Monday, 4 January 2010

A frozen Bristol

There's something magic about a crisp, freezing day (minus 4 degrees Celsius, pretty cold for Bristol) contrasting with the warm, winter sunshine, subtly melting any frost it may hover over. I popped over to Brandon Hill at lunchtime for some fresh air away from the warm, stuffy office. Wrapped up warm I enjoyed sitting on the bench looking out across Bristol. The freezing fog was lifting and the city loomed below, starting up again after the Christmas break. In front of me three blackbirds happily foraged - despite the freezing weather they seemed to be finding various invertebrates. A female found a worm, although it did look half frozen as she struggled to swallow it down! A redwing darted off into the bushes while a robin stood on the path. As I closed my eyes in the warming light I prepared myself to get back to the office and some afternoon work! When I got back to the car this evening everywhere was being cloaked in fine white crystals again in the early evening freezing temperatures. It was already minus 2 degrees Celsius. The air was dry and I had a fine, brisk walk back to Clifton before trying the icy roads!!

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