Saturday, 10 April 2010

dawn chrous

Just been out to lead a dawn chorus walk for the friends of Trooper's Hill ( - a heathland reserve (unique in Bristol) in St George. It was bright, sunny and mild with robins, blackcaps and blackbirds in full gusto! It was great to get out and connect with these birds. Others included wrens, dunnock, chiffchaffs, a green woodpecker and a willow warbler. Additionally, a pair of chaffinches were displaying and had it not been for us coming along, almost mating!!

Spring is definitely here. Off now to see what I can find on the foreshore down on the Severn Estuary - perhaps a sedge warbler or something.

Doing another dawn chorus tomorrow for the friends of Snuff Mills ( along the river Frome.


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  1. It was a great morning to be on the hill. You can see photos of the walk at