Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Museum eggs

A busy day at work as I wind down - this is my last week in the office ever! Today I was busy sorting out some of the mounted birds, making sure some of them have the right entry number attributed to them. Meanwhile, a new exhibition, 'Art from the New World' is being set up ready for the opening on Friday, www.bristol.gov.uk/museums. We've also got a local artist's work in the front hall - it's an amazing abstract red carpet, with pieces of the 'fluff' made into sand and sand castles! It's a great piece.

Before leaving work I was finishing off an inventory of some of the bird eggs we have in the handling collection - so far I've labelled around 850 eggs just in the past few weeks. It's been fascinating and while sad that these never got the chance to hatch, we rarely get the chance to see the beauty of wild bird eggs up close. Today I had the opportunity to look at golden eagle, red-throated diver, gannet, red-breasted merganser and lesser whitethroat eggs. They are remarkable to see up close and I'm please we're able to document them for future use at the museum. I also found one or two eggs that must go into the main collection, including a mute swan egg collected from Abbotsbury Swannery in the 1870s!

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