Monday, 23 November 2009

What a busy week it's been!! Had a great evening out with friends at the Living Room on Thursday evening - lovely chance to just chill and relax. Friday was awesome - had 50 minutes in the pool scuba diving with buddy Dan and instructor Elena. Despite the torrential downpours and strong winds in Bristol (and the UK) on the weekend, I still managed to lead a walk looking for short-eared owls at Aust, Severn Estuary. No luck with the owls (not surprisingly) but a kestrel and some curlews. Sunday I was leading a bird identification course at Folly Farm in the Chew Valley - great place to showing people birds. Highlight was a marsh tit. Half way through I got a text from friend Hannah asking what a bird was (in a photo). Incredibly, it was a grey phalarope!! She almost ran it over in the road. That evening I picked it up from her and managed to feed it some mealworms. It was very thin and exhausted but hoped it would survive the night.

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